About the Event


Through its Annual Fundraising Gala Dinner, LAU aims to raise funds for academically qualified youth who might otherwise not have the opportunity to access high-quality education. We carry out this mission by bringing together the university’s community of supporters for the important goal of transforming the lives of deserving young individuals so they can fulfill their aspirations, and ultimately serve all sectors of society.

Gala Dinner Endowed Scholarship Fund

All proceeds of every gala dinner are directed towards the Gala Dinner Endowed Scholarship Fund — an endowment fund that holds its principal in perpetuity and only pays the interest towards scholarships. This provides a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding that creates opportunity for deserving students for the long-term.

Endowments are critical to any university, and for LAU it plays an important role in ensuring the future of the institution. At the close of Fiscal Year 2018, LAU’s investment portfolio — which encompasses all endowments including the Gala Dinner Endowed Scholarship Fund — closed at approximately $536.1 million, a gain of 8.9% from the previous year.

Growing the endowment is critical to LAU for so many reasons, including campus expansion needs as well as vital academic initiatives, as well as making sure that life-changing scholarship opportunities continue to be offered to deserving students. To this end, the Annual Fundraising Gala Dinner is a major contributor to the university’s endowment, and seeks to grow it through its yearly event that raises significant funds through its generous corporate and personal supporters.