The power of education

With each and every gift towards the LAU Annual Fundraising Gala Dinner, corporations, alumni, and friends of our university make dreams a reality for so many deserving students. As a result, youth from all over Lebanon and the region have the privilege to pursue a high-quality education that equips them with the knowledge, skills, and experiences that ultimately allow them to fulfill their wildest ambitions whether it is to become an engineer or conduct research at the PhD-level. This is all thanks to the support of generous donations to our galas each year.

See our students’ success in action…


Badih, Business ‘19

Business graduate Badih Salha completed his degree in 2019 with an emphasis in Finance. Salha then embarked on his career journey towards becoming a management consultant, with plenty of internship experience and knowledge he gained during his time spent at LAU, and thanks to the support of a series of scholarships.

Though only having recently graduated, Salha wasted no time in earning professional experience while studying at LAU. In his first year alone, Salha completed three internships at some of the region’s most prominent companies – including Philip Morris International, and, in his final year, he worked at Deloitte & Touché as a financial advisor.

Salha credits LAU for helping pave his career path, and states that he would not have been able to do so without the backing of the university’s donors. “The truth is that the scholarships LAU offer me are not only life-changing on the macro-scale of getting a proper education, but also on a micro-scale in things like being able to afford housing in Hamra instead of being a commuting student,” he explains.

Thanks to the institution’s funding from its unwavering network of supporters, young scholars are able to become what they had always hoped to, like Salha, who is well on his way to becoming a successful businessman.


Nour, Civil Engineering student

Final-year Civil Engineering student Nour Chartouni is looking forward to using the knowledge and skills she has gained at LAU to help solve technical issues, and, more importantly, contribute to building sustainable cities.

Chartouni, who expects to graduate in 2020, is well on her way to reaching her goal, making it onto the Dean’s Distinction list for outstanding performance in her studies, as well as playing an active role in her campus community by being involved in various clubs. “At LAU, one of the most important values I acquired is that of perseverance. I have learned the essence of success is determination and hard work which eventually are appreciated and lead to great achievements,” says Nour, who is eager and ready to start working in her field before continuing her education in a few years.

Chartouni’s achievements were made possible through the generous donations of LAU’s network of donors whose kindness enabled her to attend the university. “Joining LAU has completely changed my life and without the scholarship, there would be no other way for me to afford the tuition fees,” adds Chartouni, whose success and ambition is yet another example of the positive impact that LAU’s network of supporters continue to make.


Sharbel, Psychology ‘19

Long before he began his university career, Sharbel Ayyoub found particular interest in understanding the behaviors of the people that surrounded him. This young affinity kick started Ayyoub’s journey towards eventually studying Psychology at LAU, a field he admires for contextualizing the world around him, and giving him his ultimate life-calling: improving the mental health of those in need.

In the spring of 2019, Ayyoub graduated from LAU with a degree in Psychology, and plans to continue his studies by pursuing a master’s degree and training in order for him to realize his dreams of pursuing clinical psychology. “My long-term goals are to have my own clinic in Lebanon, and in different parts of the Arab world because I plan on making an impact at home,” says Ayyoub, who is dedicated to promoting and breaking the stigma around mental health and psychology around the MENA region.

As one of the thousands of students who rely on merit and/or need-based financial support to achieve their educational goals, Ayyoub is an exemplary illustration of the success stories that endowments from LAU’s donors make possible.